About UT Online

About UT Online

What is UT Online?

UT Online is a network of exclusively offered online classes, aimed to make obtaining a UT degree seamless and convenient for our students. For example, if a student at UT Knoxville needs to take a class that isn’t offered, he or she can take the class through UT Chattanooga, if it is available through UT Online. This allows students to pay one campus, keep their financial aid and graduate on time.

Why is UT launching UT Online?

The UT Online Consortium was created to provide greater access and flexibility to coursework and increase ability for students to graduate in four years.

How does UT Online benefit UT Students?

UT Online will allow UT students expanded class offerings and flexible scheduling. Through this program, students can explore increased options for courses and access to classes that may otherwise only be offered once a year or less at their home campuses.

When is UT Online launching?

UT Online will launch a limited, initial number of class offerings in Fall 2022, with more courses added the following semesters.

What type of courses will be available through UT Online?

Initially the UT Online Consortium will pilot a limited number of courses for Fall 2022. Additional courses will be offered in following semesters following fully online formats as we grow.

Who is eligible to enroll in UT Online?

Current UT students enrolled in participating campuses will be the only eligible participants in UT Online courses.